WVC-600W410*2 Balcony Micro Inverter System

WVC-600W Cost-effective standard configuration

Model QN-WVC600W410*2
System Type
On Grid
System Power 600W
Solar Panel Power 820W(410W*2)
Power Generation/Day ≈2.5KW(4 hours effective sunlight)
Lnstallation Area 3.9m²(3450*1134mm)
Suitable for railing, ground and wall installation

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A system that can save households more than 25% of their electricity bills annually.


Simple installation method, just hang it on the balcony and connect it to an ordinary socket, then the sun can be used to generate electricity for the family.

20 years of service life, up to 5 years of product quality assurance, and after-sales support teams everywhere.

Built-in WIFI communication, APP power generation monitoring, check power generation status anytime, anywhere.

Independent MPPT charging control circuit, the power generation efficiency is as high as 99.8%

22~60V low-voltage direct current operation, effectively avoiding the danger of electric shock and fire.


Configuration List;
410W Solar Module 600W Micro Inverter Aluminum alloy bracket 5 meters European gauge AC cable



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