50w Portable ETFE Solar Folding Panel


Solar Cell Mono
Power 50W
Module Efficiency 20%
Voltage at Pmax(Vmp) 18V
Current at Pmax(Imp) 2.77A
Open Circuit Voltage(Voc) 21.6V
Short Circuit Current(Isc) 2.96A
 Folding size 430*438*35mm
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50W ETFE folding solar panels: Lightweight power banks that can collect solar energy anytime, anywhere, providing reliable electricity for your devices. Whether you're on outdoor adventures or in daily life, they are a convenient and eco-friendly choice!




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Product Features;


High-efficiency conversion: 

The 50W monocrystalline flexible solar panel uses high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar cells, which have excellent energy conversion efficiency, efficiently convert solar energy into electrical energy, and provide reliable power supply.

Flexible and Bendable: 

The 50W monocrystalline solar panel is made of ETFE material, and the one-piece molding has good high transparency and weather resistance. Can adapt to various curved surfaces and irregular shapes, suitable for outdoor, RV, yacht, camping, etc. 

Thin and lightweight: 

The 50W monocrystalline ETFE solar panel is manufactured with unibody technology, which is thinner and lighter than traditional glass solar panels. This makes it easier to use in mobile devices, outdoor gear, and portable applications.

Highly customizable: 

50W monocrystalline ETFE solar panels can be customized according to customer needs, suitable for application scenarios of various shapes and sizes. Different sizes, voltages and powers can be customized to meet the needs of specific usage scenarios. 

Durable and Reliable:

The 50W monocrystalline ETFE solar panel has good durability and reliability, which can resist shock, vibration and temperature changes. Using advanced materials and processes to ensure its long-term stable operation and long-lasting performance.



Liectrical Parameters at (STC)   Mechanical Parameters
Power(W) 50W Solar Cell(Type/Size) Mono(166mm)
Module Efficiency(%) 20% Folding size 430*438*35mm
Voltage at Pmax(Vmp) 18V Expand Size 860*438*25mm
Current at Pmax(Imp) 2.77A Weight 2.15KG
Open Circuit Voltage(Voc)
21.6V Connector
Output Port output interface: USB15.5v3.4A USB25.5v3.6A DC12V Type-C 12V5A
Short Circuit Current(Isc) 2.96A Waterproof junction box IP65/IP67
Power Tolerance(W) ±3%    






Product Usage;


Outdoor Activities and Camping:

50W monocrystalline silicon ETFE solar panel is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. It can be used to power camping tents, RVs, outdoor lighting and cooking equipment, giving you a self-contained renewable energy solution. 


Mobile device charging: 

The 50W monocrystalline silicon ETFE solar panel is connected to mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras, power banks, etc., and uses sunlight to provide long-lasting charging energy for these devices without relying on traditional power outlets.


Building integration: 

The 50W monocrystalline ETFE solar panel has excellent weather resistance, can resist corrosion under ultraviolet radiation, high temperature, low temperature and various climate conditions, and can maintain transparency and performance in long-term use.


Remote communication equipment: 

In remote areas or where there is no grid, such as remote rural areas, mountainous areas, or developing countries, ETFE foldable solar panels can be used as the main source of electricity for basic electricity needs such as lighting, charging, and small electrical appliances.


Installation case;


Outdoor camping RV power supply


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